10 video game documentaries

Over the last few years, I've rediscovered my love of old video games. It all started when I stumbled across people building and playing Mame arcade cabinets on YouTube. These things are essentially PC's running an emulator inside something that looks and feels like a classic arcade machine.

iPhone Pro and FaceID

As always for this time of year, there's a lot of rumours going around about the upcoming iPhone. This year seems more important than usual for Apple as it’s the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, and all rumours seem to indicate that this is going to be a big year.

Automatic syndication

I'm using IFTTT to take the RSS feed for Minimal Path and post it automatically to a few different social networks. I currently have "recipes" setup to post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They get triggered every time IFTTT finds a new entry in the RSS feed.

Thoughts on the iOS 11 public beta

I finally got round to installing the public beta of iOS 11 on my iPad yesterday. Here’s a brain dump of my initial thoughts while I was using it for the first time.

Apple should release bigger iPads

If Apple wants the iPad to start making serious inroads into the pro market, and I believe they do, then they are going to need to release even bigger iPads. That may sound crazy, but hear me out.

Switching to a smaller CSS framework

The goal for the design of Minimal Path was always to keep it as simple as possible, no images, no junk, just the essentials. Pretty much the opposite of most sites on the internet.

Think before you grow your business

When you say you run your own company people always ask how many staff you have. The higher the number, the more impressed people seem to be and I can understand that. I fell into this trap myself, the trap of thinking bigger is better.

I still prefer paid upgrades

One of the things I wish Apple would implement on the App Store is paid upgrades. Yes, I know there are plenty of other ways to monetise apps, but I happen to like the paid upgrade model. It's a proven model, and it still works.